Yazzy Simulator is born after two years of experience with Yazzy. It aims to overcome all the limitations of the previous version with a whole new vision.


This new version of Yazzy doesn't just create an image of a fake conversation: it creates a real fake screen(uhm, wtf?) to fit to all devices.
Just take a screenshot and share it with your friends


Create hilarious jokes to share with all your friends.
Fun is guaranteed!

  • “I have a friend of mine shaking his wondering about a "deleted" post "he" posted.
    You guys are freaking awesome.”
  • “Great app
    Does everything just fine! Looks realistic.”
  • “Awesome
    I pranked three of my friends and they actually believed, thanks for this app, its so useful and the best fake message maker app. I loved it.”




Why a new app?

Yazzy Simulator does more than just create a static image of a conversation: it creates a real interactive screen to better fit your device.

Can I remove the Yazzy logo from the image?

Yes. It's really simple to remove the Yazzy logo. Just click on it.

Why do we sell ads?

The Yazzy Developer needs to buy a lot of coffee and beer :)