With no competitors. From two years Yazzy is the best app to make fake conversations and to make fun of your friends.

Wide selection

You can choose between 9 different fake screens, including Facebook status, Telegram conversations, SMS and much more!


Create hilarious jokes to share with all your friends.
Fun is guaranteed!

  • “This is absolutely awesome
    I'm using this application to trick friends to think they are hacked.”
  • “This game is awesome
    I love it all my friends think I can actually text the guys from one direction and a bunch of other famous people.”
  • “Awesome
    I pranked three of my friends and they actually believed, thanks for this app, its so useful and the best fake message maker app. I loved it.”

How to use Yazzy?


Can I remove the Yazzy logo from the image?

Yes. It's really simple to remove the Yazzy logo. Just open the app, clic on MenuSettings → Uncheck the Watermark option.

Why do we sell ads?

The Yazzy Developer needs to buy a lot of coffee and beer :)